Hi there beautiful momma! My name is Trista Birdzell. I am a mom to two incredible kids and a wife to my husband of 10 years. I am a Utah native that did a brief stint in Texas while my husband was serving in the United States Army. 

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As long as I can remember I have felt drawn to the beauty of pregnancy, labor and the birthing process.  I pursued a medical career in Medical Assisting and While working with an Obstetric Physician for the next 5 years I found my love for pregnancy and birth grow even more.  My favorite part of my job was developing a relationship with my pregnant mommas. Seeing them through their entire pregnancy and being involved in a great amount of their care. I took great pride in making sure that every mom was being heard by the physician and that they were not just simply becoming another patient to mark off the list. They were seen, heard and loved.

So after the very hard birth of my second child I decided  to pursue my dream of joining other birth workers and became a trained Birth Doula through DONA international. I wanted to help woman advocate for themselves by knowing their options and helping them feel safe, loved and as comfortable in their laboring journey as possible. I knew that there had to be a better way for women to be heard in the delivery room, to be able to move around, and have their voice heard and bodies respected. I knew that If I would have hired a Doula that my son's birth, would have been a completely different experience.

I work to provide comfort to you with your pregnancy, labor and birth journey in anyway that you feel is needed. Specializing in light touch massage, guided meditation, counter pressure techniques, a comforting and calming voice, helping you develop a self love practice, and working through fears and preparing for the birth and the postpartum period. I also really love involving the partner as much as possible since Oxytocin is a key player in the labor game!

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I have personal experience with breastfeeding as well as formula feeding. I love breastfeeding and think that breast milk is incredibly important to those growing babies and I love to work with new parents on establishing a great relationship with your breastfeeding journey. I do also know that it is not for everyone and think that you should do whatever works best for you and your baby(ies).

My goal is to help change the birthing community starting with empowering and educating parents and helping them feel safe, loved and heard in their journey into parenthood.

My hobbies include, Yoga, meditation, dancing in the kitchen with my kids, being out in nature, painting and coloring with my 5 year old daughter, reading, swimming, boating, camping, cooking, baking and hanging out in bed with my husband watching our favorite shows.



  • Doulas of North America (DONA) Trained

  • The VBAC Link Doula Training

  • Reflexology Training

  • Advanced Rebozo Techniques Training


Trista was an amazing doula to have by my side when I brought my daughter into the world. When I went into early labor for an entire day she kept checking on me to ensure all was well and was giving me tips to either relax if I wanted or to help bring on active labor. As soon as I went into active labor she made it there so quickly to be by my side. She did everything possible to make ensure I was relaxed and had anything I wanted or needed. She helped to keep my head clear and to stay in tune with my body and baby during every single contraction so I could reach my goal of having a natural birth. Trista is very knowledgeable and was the best support. She made me feel so comfortable and confident during my labor. I couldn’t imagine giving birth to my sweet baby without her support and love.
— M. A.
Trista is absolutely amazing at what she does! I’d recommend her to everyone that’s looking for a doula. I truly believe she is what got me through my last labor. My labor came on so hard and fast that I wasn’t sure I was going to make it without meds but in swoops Supergirl with her mad doula skills and gets me into positions to help make it so my contractions weren’t so unbearable! If anyone has the opportunity to have a doula in the room don’t even think twice, just do it! Not only do they help you with pain but they also help you use your voice when you’re not in a position mentally to use your own. Trista helped with that as well, the nurses kept putting me into positions that weren’t the best and she pushed them to use things that they didn’t even offer. I just love Trista and I’m sad I won’t be having anymore babies because I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side (except my husband of course).
— B. A.