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I have always been drawn to helping and supporting moms. My own mother suffered from severe mental illness and even as a child, I could see the difference that heartfelt support would have made in her life.

After I had a doula present for my 2nd birth, my perception of birth began to change. I blossomed as I grasped the importance of educating ourselves to become informed consumers.

After this experience, I wanted everyone to realize that they have options in childbirth and that they have the autonomy to decide what is right and best for them and their baby. This led me to train as a professional doula.

As a doula and overall member of society, I am always looking for resources and ways to enhance the lives of those around me. I have found that placenta encapsulation, while not for everyone, is being completely underutilized. Through my studies and training, I have come to believe that we are doing mothers, fathers and families an incredible disservice by treating the placenta as medical waste. This amazing organ needs to be utilized for its richness in beneficial hormones and nutrients.

Through my company, Bloom, I am working to educate both the community and medical world about the amazing benefits a placenta can give back to mom. We set the standard high with professional booking and pick up processes, utilizing a safe and sterile commercial kitchen and ensuring moms have their pills in the hand within 72 hour - as long as normal procedures are followed. We also believe in the importance of support and follow-up.

I am certified with the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts, APPA Blood-Borne Pathogen and Weber county food handlers.

I reside in Roy, Utah with my husband and 4 kids. Being a wife and mother is my joy. I also love cooking, running, yoga, music and being outdoors. I am also a board member of The Mother's Nest, an adoption advocate and work to promote maternal mental health issues and support my community. 

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