My name is Kasaundra.

I’m a born and raised California girl with nothing more than ambition, a rebozo, and a love for this work. I’m proud to have created an all-encompassing birth and postpartum agency that is touching the lives of Utah’s families.

Through our charismatic and skilled agency members, our engaging community events, and our exclusive Prenatal Workbook, we help mothers like you dream big and back it up with the support to make your dream birth and postpartum a reality.

I'm often asked, _how did you get startedwith all of this__.png

For as long as I could remember, I had been afraid of childbirth. From dramatic TV shows to the horror stories we hear shared on the regular at baby showers, I was certain that the less I thought about it, the better.

And then it happened. My eggo was preggo. With TWINS. After they picked me up off the floor, I was told I’d be having a c-section because Baby A was breech(butt-first). I. was. thrilled. Getting pumped full of drugs and not actually having to push a baby out of my vagina sounded like a dream come true.

Are you laughing yet? Me too. What I quickly learned was that having a c-section was not the easy way out. It was major surgery. And now I was recovering from surgery with two babies.

That experience, along with my subsequent daughter’s VBAC(vaginal birth after cesarean) and horrible postpartum experiences, solidified my belief that a better way had to exist. And if it didn’t, I would make it exist.

“We bring the village to you” is more than just a tagline - it’s a mission statement.

My mission as both doula and agency owner is to make sure that each family we meet feels emotionally supported, educationally prepared, and physically held.

I am honored to be involved in your care throughout your entire journey with us. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason. Your family matters. Welcome to your village.

With Love,