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My own motherhood journey took place in Stuttgart Germany. My first birth was a challenge for me, one which I was unprepared to meet and it was not easy. I walked away feeling disappointed in my body but happy to be a mother. Those difficulties motivated me to make some changes. The next time I was pregnant, I took a birth preparation course and gained some tools for labor. I rocked that birth and it was truly transformative. I walked away feeling powerful and strong. This experience inspired me to become a birth worker and help women put their feet on the path to a powerful, positive birth.

My goal as a doula is to educate, empower, and support mothers during their birth and postpartum journey.

Birth is a tremendous and transformative labor of love, ripe with both challenges and rewards. I believe in the immense power of a positive birth experience that empowers women and men to begin parenthood with joy and confidence. My goal is to help parents create positive memories of birth, regardless of the challenges that arise. I approach being a doula with a dedication to working openly with the unique perspective, abilities, challenges, and needs of laboring mothers and their support team. With an attentive and wholehearted presence, I aid women and their support team with physical and emotional comfort measures, pain coping methods, relaxation techniques, understanding of birth physiology, communication with medical staff, and supported involvement of a partner or birth companion.

I am also passionate about helping mothers to feel fulfilled and supported during their postpartum period. It is a time of great change, and many people are not equipped or prepared to handle the new burdens placed upon them. My goal is help mothers learn to become a team with their baby, to understand them and to blossom into her role as the mother of that child.


  • Curtis Method HypnoDoula training

  • Doulaed Mentorship Program

  • Massage and Reflexology Techniques for the Professional Doula Training

  • Advanced Rebozo Training

  • Acupressure for Labor Training

  • The VBAC Link Doula Training

  • Holding Space for Birth, Breath and Dead Workshop

  • CAPPA Postpartum Trained Doula

  • CAPPA New Parent Educator Training

  • Recognizing and Preventing Postpartum Mood Disorders Training

  • Infant Massage Techniques Training


Postpartum Doula

Investment: $30/hour with a minimum booking of 4 hours. Overnight is $35/hour for the 8 hour shift. Travel fees may apply.



I hired Katie for my first pregnancy and I could not have made a better choice. I was very nervous about my pregnancy because I am single and also have been diagnosed with PTSD. When I met Katie I immediately felt a great connection and that she would be invaluable throughout my pregnancy experience. I was right, I can’t recommend her enough. I went into my labor feeling supported and prepared and I had an amazing experience with Katie right there with me.

I loved being able to text or call her with any of my concerns, especially since I didn’t have a partner or traditional support. She was calm and patient during my unmedicated labor and delivery (even when I was yelling at everyone in the delivery room). If you are considering a doula or if you’re curious about the process, I highly recommend at least talking with Katie to see if she is a good fit for you.
— H. L.

Katie provided postpartum services after the birth of my third child. She is so compassionate and knowledgeable. She showed my fun new ways to interact with my newborn and also showed me some great products to use during the different stages of my baby’s development.

Beyond her birth/postpartum services, Katie is knowledgeable in lactation support and basic troubleshooting with feeding and latch issues.

I’ve been very happy with my decision to hire Katie for postpartum support. I’ve felt supported and befriended, and it’s made my postpartum period less lonely and less isolating than with my previous births. In turn, it’s made my postpartum depression and anxiety much less severe.
— C. P.