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Hi! I'm Katie. I respect and treasure motherhood. Growing up as oldest of nine children, I have learned valuable nurturing skills from my own mother and have developed a passion for motherhood. I have felt the call to work with women from a young age, and I am so excited that my path has led me here. I love making lasting connections and learning from the goodness, kindness, and compassion of women. I love listening to people, and I always strive to provide loving, caring support. 

I support all women with any type of birth they desire. I will support and educate couples as they decide for themselves what kind of birth experience they would like to have. I truly believe the mother can and should feel prepared as she approaches her birth and feel empowered as she gives birth. I am DONA trained.

have a darling husband who loves and supports my desire to be a doula. I am currently studying at Brigham Young University working to get my degree in Family Science, which includes classes about pregnancy, birth, and human development. Aside from learning about pregnancy and childbirth, I love baking, playing piano, sewing, and traveling with my husband. 


  • Doulas of North America (DONA) Training

  • The VBAC Link Doula Training

  • Survivors of Sexual Abuse Training

  • Advanced Rebozo Techniques *TBA



Katie was a wonderful Doula! She was willing to work with us at a time when we were really struggling financially and made it so we could have a doula at our birth. We had a long labor and Katie made sure that she was available and helped out as much as possible. As the husband, I felt very supported. During early labor, she and my wife went for a few walks and just stayed positive while I was able to take a nap after we had been up most of the night. It gave me the much-needed energy to help out as best as possible during “go time.” Katie was always positive and calm and just continuously asked us about our needs. We felt her help so much and we never felt any sort of pressure from her in terms of the type of birth chose and the decisions we made. There were points where things were very stressful and my wife and I got very worried and upset. She really helped by talking us down and keeping us as calm as possible. At this time, she was not only calm but also very knowledgeable and helped up understand what was happening. It was such a huge relief.

Overall, before our birth, I was not sure how I felt about a doula, however, after having Katie work with us, I was so grateful for her help and really appreciated having someone with us through the whole process. I cannot recommend her enough!
— J. W.
Katie attended the birth of my second child and was invaluable to my husband and me. I had an unmedicated water birth at a birth center. The birth was extremely short (2 hours from start to finish) and very intense, and Katie was key in helping me stay calm, positive, and focused. I really don’t know what I would have done without her! Katie helped me by reminding me to relax parts of my body that were tense, she reminded me to breathe and keep my sounds deep and low so that my body could remain open and relaxed, and she used counterpressure and massage. Once our daughter was born, she struggled breathing and was on the verge of going into shock. Because of that, she had to be taken from me immediately and resuscitated. While my husband went with our daughter, Katie stayed with me until I was settled, and my daughter was returned to me and stabilized. Having Katie with me really made the difference in this birth. It would have been so hard for my husband and I had we not had her there. I highly recommend her to anyone!
— L. M.
Katie was wonderful to work with! I found her on doulamatch and at our first meeting she was very professional and knowledgeable. Katie was super supportive of my birth plan, I was planning to have a birth with as little medical intervention possible. Katie helped me and my husband to feel more prepared for my labor and delivery, and when labor didn’t go as planned she helped us feel calm and still confident in our choices. My husband and I felt confident that Katie would make it to our birth and before I went into labor she was great at checking in with how my pregnancy was going. At my home and in the hospital she had many different ideas and methods for how to help me get through Labor, she was great at keeping me distracted during the more difficult parts of Labor. I also loved how Katie made sure we got what we wanted in the hospital, but she never spoke for us to the doctors or nurses. Another thing I loved was that because I had Katie there my husband was able to get some rest before we went to the hospital because I had an extremely long labor. Katie was also great at making sure my husband took care of himself and ate and drank and rested throughout my long labor. Overall it was great to have an extra person there supporting me and my husband through all of the labor and delivery, and I’m really glad that person was Katie.
— C. W.
Katie exceeded our expectations and played a strong supportive role in the birth of our second son. After a very hard and long first labor I decided that I wanted to have a doula this time in hopes that it would make things go smoother. I was not disappointed. Katie was very attentive the whole time doing lots of different comfort measures and helped me to stay positive and focused throughout the labor. We were very lucky to have her as our doula and highly recommend her.
— E. C.
Katie was a huge part of why the last few weeks of my pregnancy and my birthing experience went so well. She was available to answer my questions those last few weeks and act as a mentor and a cheerleader. She helped calm my nerves time and time again and reassured me in so many ways. During the birth she was a huge part of helping me naturally manage the pain with positions and counter pressure. She respected and supported every decision I made along the way. She went above and beyond by typing up a birth story for me and making me a cross stitch to celebrate my baby’s birth. Katie is a calming presence and I was so grateful to have her in the room when I was giving birth. She is a joy to be around and I would recommend her to literally everyone!! I will never regret the decision I made to include her as part of my birth experience.
— K. C.