Named Birth Circle’s BEST UTAH DOULA, 2019

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Hey there! My name is Kasaundra. In Southern California, born and raised. On the playground is where I spent most of my days…

Err. Ok. I promise not to rap anymore. Doula’s honor.

I am a mom to four beautiful kids and wife to my very own combat veteran of the United States Marines Corps. We love our life in Utah and our days are filled with the sounds of children and Ricky Ricardo moments (my half Latin blood keeps things fun). I proudly wear the title of “World’s Okayest Mom” and am passionate about helping women embrace their lives with joy and acceptance.

I enjoy both reading and writing novels, traveling with my family, singing, sarcasm, and filling my home with loved ones. I’m a serial hobbyist that is always up for a new adventure. Ask me about the time I tried fire dancing! You can learn about how I built Utah Doulas and Company by reading HERE.

I got my start in the birth world when preparing for my VBAC, following the birth of my twins. I studied everything I could get my hands on and everything I read brought me to the same conclusion: each birth was as unique as the family it affected. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the work and became a doula in 2014. I began with an apprenticeship under a local Hypnobabies instructor/doula and worked in a doula collective for a year. Within that collective, I learned from a variety of care providers, doulas, and birthing families as I experienced and assisted in each unique birth. It was a whirlwind of an experience that I am grateful for every day! I am DONA trained and am a certified Hypnodoula through The Curtis Method. I strongly believe in continuing education and have completed certifications and trainings in rebozo work, bereavement, VBAC, and lactation assistance.

I have experience with:

  • unmedicated birth

  • epidural birth

  • water birth

  • stillbirth

  • inductions

  • pre-eclampsia

  • posterior birth

  • prodromal labor

  • cesareans

  • VBAC(vaginal birth after cesarean)

  • birth centers

  • breastfeeding

  • gestational diabetes

  • hospitals, homebirths

  • twins

  • rapid birth

  • perinatal anxiety/depression

  • postpartum mental health

I am passionate about birth being an opportunity for a family to write their own love story. I am a member of the Braid Community and Utah Women’s Networking Group and am both a doula trainer and doula business mentor. I have been a featured guest speaker at both the Empowering Fearless Birth Event and Utah Mama Latina. My volunteer work includes co-secretary of the Utah Doula Association, Vice President of Utah Valley’s Moms of Multiples club, the Empowering Fearless Birth non-profit, and organizing drives/fundraisers for homeless veterans, food banks, and hurricane victims.



  • Apprenticeship with Hypnobabies Instructor/doula

  • New Beginnings Doula Training

  • Birth and Breastfeeding Solutions Training

  • Gina Kirby Novice Rebozo Certified

  • Vice President of Utah Valley Mom’s of Multiples Club

  • Curtis Method HypnoDoula Certification

  • Kundalini Yoga for Birth Workers Workshop

  • Utah Doula Association Board Member

  • Doulas of North America (DONA) Training

  • Founder and owner of Utah Doulas and Company

  • Amy Glenn Bereavement Workshop

  • The VBAC Link Advanced Doula Training

  • Cuarentena Postpartum Training

  • Heart and Hands Advanced Rebozo Certification



Read this post by mom blogger Rachel Guzik about working with Kasaundra Trout.

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