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I am JaTem Christensen (pronounced JUH-TEM – I know, its tough one!) and I live in Herriman with my family of four. I am a passionate Registered Nurse and Doula assisting families at the southern end of the Salt Lake Valley. 

I’ve been a nurse since 2015; while I am passionate about my nursing career, I found myself wanting something a little different - something more intimate and personalized.  The pregnancy process is both beautiful and life changing, but does not come without its obstacles. I believe that every mom, and mom-to-be deserves a personalized approach to their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum motherhood. I want to support your desires and assist you in this process – from start to finish!

I have given birth to two beautiful girls, one medicated with an epidural, and one completely natural. After giving birth twice, using two different methods, I have become passionate about helping women accomplish their OWN birth goals.

Being a Registered Nurse over the years has opened my eyes to the value that a medical professional can bring to individuals going through physical changes and experiences; this is why I became a certified Doula and am currently working to become a certified Lactation Educator. The more education and value I can offer to you on your journey, the better experience you will have (not to mentioned the very real fulfillment I get out of it!). 

I would love to get to know you more, answer any questions you might have about me, and potentially join your birth dream team!



  • Registered Nurse

  • Utah Doulas and Company Trained Doula