Dr Nelson is one of 5 chiropractors in Utah Valley that is certified in the Webster technique for pregnancy. Webster technique is gentle adjustment that seeks to remove the the stress and misalignments in the pelvis. Removing the stress of the pelvis will allow the baby to grow and develop as well as decrease potential complications during delivery. 

Dr. Nelson has spent much of his life researching and learning about how the body functions and how to optimize human performance. Dr. Nelson graduated with honors Magna Cum Laude as one of the top in his class from Logan College of Chiropractic in St Louis Missouri. He has received extensive post graduate education and training on Neurology, care of pregnant mothers both before and after delivery, as well as chiropractic care for children.   

Why is chiropractic care so important during pregnancy?

A preliminary study on 34 pregnant women found that Logan Basic technique can decrease labor time and pain. Of the 34 women 17 were first time mothers and the average time for delivery was 10 hours (compared to a 24-hour average) and second/third time mothers dropped to 4 hours. The research also showed that only 3 births were delivered by C section and only 3 received an episiotomy. Chiropractic can decrease labor time and pain!

A recent study in the American journal of  obstetrics found that women under chiropractic care showed a significant decrease in back pain during pregnancy. The chiropractic group showed significant improvement over the second group of OB/GYN only care. In fact it was noted that the group under OB/GYN care only showed no measurable decrease in back pain at all.  



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