Elite Doulas


This list of doulas is for families who are seeking out the most experienced and skilled doula. The doulas in this tier have all been serving families for years and have a long list of certifications and added trainings under their belt. They are experts at navigating the twists and turns that come with birth. You’ll also find that these doulas come with a number of perks to pamper the mothers they serve! Each doula has their own specialties, so check out their profiles to see what goodies you can expect while in their care.


Private Birth Doula

These are our most popular doulas. Mothers choose one doula to care for them throughout their pregnancy, labor, and birth. Many of these doulas have chosen to add a few extra trainings and/or certifications to their resume.


Trained Doula Package

Starting as low as $650

This package looks to balance the needs of Utah families with the high cost of medical expenses. Once we are contracted, clients are paired with a trained doula of their choice and her mentor. All doulas are fully trained and capable of providing the full support each family needs. This program allows allows our newer doulas to fine tune their skills while building a comprehensive portfolio working with a wide variety of families.


Postpartum Doulas

Investment ranges from $25/hour to $35/hour

Times change, but the needs of a new mother and her family unit remain constant. Be it overnight care, light meal prepping, breastfeeding support, or just holding the baby - you’re village is ready.

Every doula offers a complimentary consultation. Let’s get started!