Showing Up is Half the Battle

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We know that motherhood is a brave new world. It wasn't until the last few decades that our culture shifted to place the burden of this transition on each individual woman. Alone.

For me, this was the hardest part of becoming a new mom. Being half-Latina meant I was exposed to the other side of things-where the flood of family invades the home, bathes the children, cooks the food, and pampers the new mother. I remember the resentment I felt when I realized that that swarm of loving family was two states away and I would be fending for myself.

With newborn twins. 

That experience and the postpartum experience with my subsequent babies left a dramatic impression on me.


That's why our tagline is "We bring the village to you." Because when the baby isn't sleeping, your hormones are in a state of flux, and all the laundry is covered in spit up, just showing up is half the battle.

Knowing this, we've worked to create a network of support for our community. Everyone deserves that invading swarm of family. And if you weren't lucky enough to find yourself born into one, allow me to remind you that family can become the people in your day to day life who do the work of showing up for you. 

Below are the list of resources we've gathered for you:

Your Utah Mama Squad Facebook Group


A complete Events Calendar featuring

  • Monthly Stroller Squad activities in Utah County

  • Monthly Stroller Squad activities in Salt Lake County

  • Monthly New Mama Chat support group in Utah County for pregnant mothers and mothers of babies up to 18 months

  • Mom's Night Out 

  • Playgroups

  • Fundraisers

  • Free & paid classes

  • Events hosted by agency members from their own private businesses


We're not there quite yet, but we've also got some exciting projects in the works to bring birth and postpartum support to families who couldn't otherwise afford these services. 

Things have been set in motion and the birth world in Utah is about to get very exciting. We cannot wait to have you join us! 






The Top 3 Reasons Your Birth Photographer Wants You to Have a Doula

Today we are so excited to have our very own Salt Lake County photographer, Rowan Steiner, guest posting for us on the blog! She's a mama and boss babe entreprenuer that I know you'll love. Without further ado, here's Rowan!

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Hi guys!

I am Rowan Steiner, a Utah birth and newborn photographer. If you’ve never seen birth photography before, I urge you to look into it! It’s really a beautiful type of session that’s becoming more and more popular in the birthing world.

Unlike most birth workers (like doulas or midwives), I try to work like a fly on the wall and capture the beautiful moments during one of the most important and wonderful days of your life.

But I do have to admit, I am extremely grateful to have other birth workers in the room.

In my opinion, a doula can help a laboring mother in countless ways -  in ways a husband, friend or doctor may not know how. Here are a few reasons I think doulas are an important aspect of your birth plan:

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1.      They stay with you through the long haul


You’ll first meet your doula a few months before your due date. During this time, your doula will be there to answer any and every question you may have regarding the process. They’ll help you create a birth plan and reassure you with any fear you may have. Although they don’t provide medical care, they’re very knowledgeable in pregnancy, labor and delivery and will help you prepare in a way that’s best for you and your family.


2.      Comfortability


Doulas are trained to perform pain relief techniques that can ease the pain of labor and delivery and will encourage your partner to help keep you relaxed and encouraged through the duration of your labor.


3.      A doula will help you advocate for yourself


Your doula will help you be your own advocate. They will know your birth plan and will help you communicate your needs to your providers. It’s a doulas main goal to help you have a positive and SAFE birth and they will help you transition into motherhood as seamlessly as possible.

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Any birth worker will agree that having a positive birth experience is top priority for this very special day in your life. As the fly on the wall who captures these moments, these are the most important aspects of having a positive birth!