Your Utah Doulas: The Agency

your utah doulas surprise.png

Have you heard?

Your Utah Doulas has officially upgraded to a full fledged agency. *fist pump*

We will now be filling our team with a variety of professionals in the maternity, birth, and postpartum industry.

Need a childbirth class? Check.

Photography? Check.

And as always, we've got your doula covered.


Why is the Your Utah Doulas agency unique?

Because it's Utah's first STATEWIDE agency. 


Amazing. Right?! 


Doula services have been notoriously hard to access in some of the most needed areas of the state. We are committed to finding or training doulas in these places. 

Families are about to find themselves surrounded by a lot more support. We cannot wait to partner with these incredible people and the providers they invite into their birthing space!

Think you might enjoy working with our agency or know someone who would? 

We're hiring! Head on over to our website to read Our Story and get more information about what it would be like to Join Our Team. We can't wait to hear from you!