FREE Birth Affirmation Printables

My body is capable and strong

The affirmation above and others like it are used by women who understand the power of positive thinking.

It’s not that we believe that positive thinking is like a magic wand.

But think about it like this: When you’re watching a scary movie and you can tell that the anticipation is building, your body tenses and your pulse races. Then the monster appears and you jump out of your skin.

You prepared your body for the scare and ensured that you got it good.

Birth affirmations attempt to do the opposite. They tell the mind that you are strong, confident, safe, and capable. Then when the birth finally happens, those are the thoughts that surge forward.

You know, like Pavlov’s Dog. Except for birth. lol!


With all that being said, Utah Doulas and Company wants to give you a gift! For a limited time, we are giving away 20 gorgeous 5x7 birth affirmation cards for FREE. Share them, print them, use them as backgrounds for your phones, etc. They’re yours. ENJOY!

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