Your Favorite Things: Podcast Edition

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Do you love podcasts as much as I do?

I seriously can’t get over how easy they make it to learn and take in more information while keeping pace with my busy life as a mom and agency owner.

I recently asked our community to share their favorite birthy/mothering podcasts with us, and boy did they deliver! THANK YOU. Two days was definitely not enough time for me to really dig into all of them.

But let me tell you this, I LOVED what I was able to hear.

Click on the photos to check out the individual podcasts!

This was such a fun experience for me that “Your Favorite Things” blogposts may become a regular thing around here!

And don’t forget, us small business owners thrive on your feedback. If you find yourself enjoying this blog or any of these podcasts, please don’t hesitate to leave reviews!

See you next week!


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Nurses & Doulas: The Dream Team

Last month we did a live facebook video on the benefits of care given by both nurses and doulas. It's the first one we've been able to do together, so we were pretty excited about it. As far as the information shared goes, we know that graphics can sometimes be an easier way for information to travel. So for our visually minded friends, ta-da! This one is for you.


Maura + Kasaundra

Nurses & Doulas-your utah doulas.png