Interviewing Your Potential Doula


You are ready to start meeting doulas in your area in hopes of finding the perfect one to assist you during your pregnancy, labor and birth. Your vision for a great birth is coming together! Before the interview you realize you have no idea what to actually ask her! Here are some questions to ask your potential doula during an interview.

1: What training do you have?

Look for a doula who has been trained to assist women during labor and birth. There are many organizations who train doulas and each has its own requirements for certification.

2: How long have you been a doula?

Whether the doula you are interviewing has been to 50 births or you are her first client, she can still be an amazing doula! If there is a connection between the two of you, follow your instincts.

3: What is your fee and what is included?

Doulas are well worth their weight in gold so don’t let a higher fee scare you off. Remember, you get what you pay for. There are lots of doulas who offer payment plans too and can help you find creative ways to pay for services.

4: What is your philosophy surrounding birth?

A doulas philosophy can say a lot about their business and in turn about how they will support you during labor and delivery.

5: Do you have a back-up doula, and can we meet her?

Knowing that you will have the support you need no matter what is reassuring. When a doula has a back up, you are promised labor and birth support if your doula gets sick or is stuck in traffic on her way to meet you.

6: Is there anything happening around the time of my birth that would keep you from not attending?

It is always good to know a potential doulas availability around the time of your birth. She may have a wedding that month or other clients she is supporting.

7: Have you worked with my care provider and birth site?

Your doula is going to be advocating for your preferences. She is working for you and not your care provider. Having good relationships with care providers helps your birth in numerous ways.  

It is a good idea for both you and your support person to meet potential doulas to decide if you are both comfortable around them, and if they are compatible with your family. Are they a good listener? Do they support your choices? Are they professional and do they communicate well? Were they able to provide you with answers to your questions? Can you see them attending your birth?

Interview as many doulas as you feel necessary in order to find your match, and have fun too!


Kasaundra + Maura